Ten shooters competed in the Air Pistol Nationals , Saturday April 9th. The surprise of the event must be the emergence of a bright new talent from the ranks of the Modern Pentathlon Association of Ireland (MPAI), Tom O'Brien. This 17 year-old, in only one of his first competitive outings, medalled in 3rd place. He narrowly missed a second place in the qualification stage because he ran out of time on his last shot!

Final results:

1st Place - Peter Friend (Addiscombe RC) (542+97.0 = 639.0)

2nd Place - Joe Conroy (Fermoy RC) (530+95.8 = 625.8)

3rd Place - Tom O'Brien (MPAI) (528+86.2 = 614.2)

Full results here.

Click "Read More" for photos of the medallists:


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